The Famous Case of the 250 year old Qi Gong Master

An example of eastern medicine and Kung Fu meditation, (Qi Gong).

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Li Ching-Yuen Li Ching-Yuen 李慶遠 or Li Ching-Yun 李清雲 (1677 or 1736 - May 6, 1933) was a Chinese herbalist, physician healer, legendary mountain man, Qi-Gong master and tactical advisor. He claimed to be born in 1736, while disputed records actually suggest 1677. In a 1930 New York Times article, Professor Wu Chung-chieh of the Chengdu University discovered Imperial Chinese government records from 1827, congratulating one Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday, and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877. Correspondents from the New York Times in 1928 reported that the oldest residents in Szechuan claimed that their grandfathers had known Li when they were children. 

Li began gathering herbs in the mountain ranges at the age of ten, and also began learning of longevity methods, surviving on a diet of herbs and rice wine. After 40 years of being mountain herbalist, at the age of 71, in 1749, Li joined the army of provincial Commander-in-Chief Yeuh Jong Chyi, undertaking the role of a martial arts teacher and tactical advisor. Li later returned to mountain range to resume herbal trade. Chinese General Yang Sen was fascinated and investigated the truth about his claimed background. Therefore a posthumous account was written three years after his death entitled “A Factual Account of the 250 Year-Old Good-Luck Man." Li's 1933 obituaries which were featured in Time Magazine and the New York Times stated that he had outlived 23 wives and had been living with his 24th, a woman of 60, and had 180 descendants stretching back eleven generations. Li avoided drinking hard liquor or smoking(straight edge), took his meals at regular times, had a strict vegetarian diet(vegan) of primarily fermented rice wine and herbs including lingzhi, wolfberry(aka gojiberry), wild ginseng, he shou wu and gotu kola along with other Chinese herbs. Apart from that, Li went to sleep early and also got up early, and as far as exercising is concerned, Li sat up straight with his eyes closed and hands in his lap, at times not moving at all for a few hours practicing Qi-Gong meditation.


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