New Sustainable Clothes and Designs from the Kung Fu Kulture Shop

Here are some of the great new Catch Wrestling, Sanda, and Kung Fu philosophy inspired designs from our shop.  All shirts are made from sustainable fabrics like bamboo, or organic cotton.

Bamboo shirts are great for exercising because they are naturally antimicrobial, so you won't stink after working out, and they feel very luxurious against your skin.

Organic cotton is stylish and an ethical fabric that will leave you feeling good that you are not contributing to the use of genetically modified cotton or pesticides that are destroying our soil and ecosystem.

Here are some of our designs:

Kung Fu t-shirt,
My Kung Fu is better than yous,
Don't Argue Just Accept It.

Catch Wrestling hoodie, Catch As Catch Can hoodie

Catch Wrestling t-shirt, Catch As Catch Can t-shirt, Funny

Wrestling t-shirt, Suplex Happens t-shirt

Kung Fu t-shirt, Chinese Quote t-shirt,
Virtue, Wisdom, Benevolence, Courage

Sanda t-shirt, Sun Zi Quote t-shirt, Art of War Quote t-shirt

Sanda t-shirt

Sanda t-shirt
Sanda t-shirt (with Chinese Character)

Fight Team hoodie (Training hoodie)