The Dao of Catch Wrestling

Catch wrestling is sometimes called "the Violent Art.  At the latest Catch certification camp, Jake Shannon, founder of Scientific Wrestling mentioned the "Violent Art" moniker.  He believes that catch wrestling has a flow and a special method to our madness, like the "way" or "art" associated with Judo and Jiujitsu.

Yet, catch wrestling is different.  Catch is not limited in the ways one can take a person down or submit them.  Catch has pinning as a way to win, so or wrestling is more dynamic, one does not stay in "guard" position long.  Catch has many techniques that appear to require much strength, yet when done properly, the practitioner uses little strength.

The submissions are painful because Catch is based on physics and uses the body's natural weak spots to control the body.  This aspect seems the very "natural." 

A great Qi Gong practitioner once said, "When nature moves slowly no one is alarmed, yet when nature moves quickly we call it a 'natural disaster.'"  Nature can be gentle, but it can also destroy.

Catch wrestlers may attempt a submission, but if they are not successful, they will move effortlessly to the next submission in a long chain of submissions.  This is the flow of nature, but the the person on the receiving end might consider this a "natural disaster."