Qi Gong and Tai Chi Classes

Kung fu is more than martial arts. It is philosophy, wisdom, the pursuit of enlightenment, health, athleticism, scholarship. Kung fu philosophy also includes the healing arts, like acupuncture and herbal medicine, making kung fu an all encompassing system for the mind, body, and transcendental aspects of human existence.

Known for slow and steady movements, that unite the breath, body, and mind, Taiji is a beautiful and intricate martial art.  Every exquisite movement of this art has practical applications for self defense.  The practitioner will enjoy the mental calm and clarity that comes with the learning the movements, as well as the confidence that comes from knowing the commanding self defense applications.  Only the most authentic Taiji is taught here. 

Qi Gong is often called Chinese yoga, it is a meditative practice focusing on the breath and gentle postures.

New classes are opening often please contact us to join a class.



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