Kung Fu Fighter Destroys Experienced K-1 Fighter in Latest Strikeforce Challengers

MMA fans just don't understand Kung Fu.  It is an umbrella word for Chinese martial arts.  It seems like most people equate Kung Fu with flashy flips, kicks and other impractical acrobatics.

There are many styles of Kung Fu, most have practical self defense applications, yet these techniques are most likely illegal in sport fighting.  China developed a sport fighting style that is very powerful and a great base for MMA.  This style is called Sanda, or Sanshou.  The rules allow kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and takedowns.  

Some famous Sanda fighters include Liu Hai Long:

Bao Li Gao:
Cung Le:

Now we might add currently undefeated Strikeforce fighter Lorenz Larkin.  He only claims Kung Fu as his fighting style, but what we see in his fights are the many techniques of Sanda.  He displayed the power of Kung Fu against his opponent, Scott Lighty, an experienced K-1 fighter, fighting out of the famed Muay Thai camp, Fairtex.


  1. Great post Raul! Many people don't understand kung fu and pass it for just mystical thinking. It can be very practical inside and outside the ring. I also train in other styles outside kung fu and I can tell you every martial art has it's strength and weaknesses. I actually wrote a post about it. I say give it a couple years and we will see more styles in MMA, especially the UFC.


  2. Thank you for posting this. I have done Kung Fu and Shuai Jiao for almost 20 years. I have lost count of all the BJJ people I have defeated. Since there is no money being funneled into Kung Fu for marketing it hasn't become an MMA fad yet.


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